A downloadable game for Windows

Game info:

You play as Kari, an android from a distant planet on an adventure to explore various landscapes. In order for Kari to progress, Kari must use critical thinking to get past the harsh environment Kari encounters. Will you carry Kari to great adventures?

Get to the green teleportation orbs to advance!

Items you carry can block dangerous energy shots!


  • Left and right keys for horizontal movement
  • Z to do a jump
  • X to carry blocks or shields
    • Items can be dropped mid-air
    • There are 2 ways of carrying items:
      • X+No arrow keys = Carry item above head
      • X+An arrow key = Carry item in front of you
  • R to restart
    • Hold R for a few seconds to restart whole game

The debrief:

My start and endtime:

00:00 16 July Saturday (UTC+14) - 00:00, 17 July Monday (UTC+14)

The game originally uploaded at 23:57 UTC+14 Sunday, 16 July, just 3 minutes before my chosen deadline.

This is the game I made within 48 hours for the GMTK gamejam in 2017, held by Mark Brown. Though a few features are missing and a huge lack of levels, this game shows a great concept that I hope to remaster one day. I am very slow with game development as I do all the roles - coding, art and music. This was definitely an improvement from my last gamejam try. I don't think I was very efficient with the coding as I had 99% coded everything from the ground up - not sure if this is the case for others. I wanted to push myself harder in this jam with more ambitious art quality in this amount of time, trying to have a more unique concept and decent controls that don't feel too stiff. You can finish this game in a minute or two by the way. I used GameMaker: Studio to code, Pyxel Edit for art and FL Studio to make music.

All in all, really worth playing once, unless there is a speedrunning community behind this game. A nice one time play for the experience,  and perhaps one more play to admire a world created in 48 hours.

Perhaps if I had a team this could've been something really good. I kind of enjoyed the game for what it was and I was left hungry for more. Hmm... If it were even more complex and if there were more levels would be the thing that would have me surpass many/even more entries in overall quality.  Well that's all for now. Good luck, all.


Art, music, coding and testing: Bing Soy

Third party credits:

Basic platformer code which I heavily modified for my own use - Source: Shaun Spaulding

Array script that allows for easy 1D array declaration - Source: GMLscripts.com

Free 8 bit Sound generator - Source: bfxr.net

And as always, thanks for playing. All critique is highly valued, no matter how obvious/stupid it may seem.

Tweet @Bing_Soy on Twitter if you want to get in touch. Thanks.


Kari.exe 6 MB